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  • Your books are in such a terrible shape, you need to correct them, at the reasonable cost!


  • You have neglected accounting as an avoidable business task, without any positives.


  • You are still maintaining excel spreadsheets for your accounting work.


  • You know that you are making money but where, how much through what, you have no idea!


  • In the absence of books or rather proper books, you are paying taxes like HST, WSIB, etc. by educated guesses.


  • Year end is being done by an accountant with a notice to the reader and filing of your taxes at a huge price!


  • Whatever figures you produce or submit are of no use to you for any sort of decision-making.


  • And the best part is you have no idea where your business is heading even though you think otherwise all the time.


  • You have no system set up in order to know whether various payments are coming to you correctly.


  • You spend a lot of time juggling these tasks, not enough time to develop, expand your business.


  • You pay a lot of money for services like payroll etc to outside agencies.


  • You still use and rely heavily on cheques for your financial transactions.


  • Paper is still the dominant element of your business, records, and transactions.


  • It takes a while for financial transactions to go through. You need direct deposits, direct payment methods which are effective and efficient and also cost-effective.

  • You pay a lot of penalties for the late payments, missing deadlines, etc.


  • Setting up a paperless system for the accounting department and your software (wherever possible)

  • Synchronizations between various apps 

  • Accounts receivables 

  • Accounts payables

  • Payroll

  • Bank reconciliations

  • Credit Card recociliations​

  • HST filing

  • At source deductions filing

  • WSIB

  • EHT

  • Direct deposits for payrolls

  • Electronic payments to vendors

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